Your online solution to meeting ICAO English language proficiency solution

As the number of planes in our skies continues to grow, so the need for safety becomes even more important. An ICAO review of 28,000 incident / accident reports has found that over 70% of the problems were caused by language.

ICAO standards now demand that all pilots flying internationally and all air traffic controllers providing services to international flights must have a minimum level of English known as ICAO Operational Level 4. The language descriptors (developed by ICAO) can be found here.

Climb Level 4 (CL4) is an online English language assessment and training solution combining Aviation English training and Speech Recognition technology

  • CL4 is designed to enable pilots and air traffic controllers to meet the ICAO language proficiency requirements
  • Using Speech Recognition technology CL4 covers all 6 of the language skills required to achieve ICAO level 4 and above (pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, fluency and interactions)
  • CL4 is most suitable for pilots and air traffic controllers whose level of English is presently ICAO level 3 or 4 and who wish to improve to level ICAO 4 or 5
  • All of the exercises and reference material in Climb Level 4 are aviation-related
  • Access to the CL4 programme is limited to 100 hours, spread over either 3, 6 or 9 months
  • Independent study programme offers flexibility and advantages so that learners can study at their own pace and when and where they want