Climb Level 4

Climb Level 4 is an internet-based, English language assessment and training solution to meet the ICAO English language proficiency requirements through independent study.

Climb Level 4 is most suitable for pilots and air traffic controllers whose level of English is presently ICAO level 3 or 4 and would like to improve to level ICAO 4 or 5.

Climb Level 4 uses the latest techniques in Speech Recognition technology it covers all 6 of the language skills required to achieve ICAO level 4 and above:

  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Structure (grammar)
  • Comprehension
  • Fluency
  • Interactions

Video : What is Climb Level 4?



The curriculum is organised into 9 Modules comprising language that Eurocontrol identified as critical in pilot controller communication (ICAO document 9835 “Manual on the implementation of the ICAO language proficiency requirements, Appendix B-10):

  1. Time, duration, schedules and fuel
  2. Health
  3. People
  4. Weather
  5. Technology
  6. Aerodromes
  7. Cargo, materials and fire
  8. Communication
  9. Navigation, movement and geography

Each of these modules is divided into 3 units (approx. 3-4 hours each).
Each unit contains 4 parts:

a) Grammar exercises
b) Vocabulary exercises
c) Listening exercises
d) Fluency / Interactions exercises

The modules have been designed to reinforce each of the ICAO skills taught. For example, the listening comprehension exercises contain words taught in the vocabulary sections; and the emergencies that the student must resolve in the fluency and interactions sections are similar to those in the listening comprehension.

Student’s Home Page

There is a wide range of interactive exercises in the Training Programme – text-based exercises, image-based exercises, audio-based exercises and of course, speech-based exercises. All exercises are set in an aviation context and include pilot-controller messages, meteorological reports, ATIS information and other authentic materials.