National Test Pilot School

Upon their (the pilots) return to us, we could see a noticeable improvement. The most striking change was the student’s willingness to initiate and engage in conversation. Overall their grammar was improved as well as their pronunciation. For us the real proof of the pudding was in flight. We gave each student a check ride upon their return and observed the following:

  • More confidence
  • Less time required to “translate”
  • Better under stress
George J. Cusimano
Director, Fixed Wing Program, Flight Test Engineer Instructor, California, U.S.A

Premier Homestay

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and interest in building a strong business relationship. Comunicatus has been doing a commendable job in providing language instruction to aviation personnel. The decision to place the students in Homestay in order to supplement their English studies has been a great success. It is obvious that your outstanding service, resourcefulness, dependability and commitment to the program are the foundations of your business philosophy. I have no hesitation in recommending Comunicatus to our international students and professionals looking to improve their language skills. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

Renée Kate
President, Premier Homestay, Montreal, Canada

Hewitt Equipment

Working with the Comunicatus was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. From the first meeting to evaluate my proficiency, through the early sessions where we covered the basics and finally the last encounters when everything came together. Comunicatus was able to adapt to my busy schedule, and deliver tangible results. The instructor that was chosen to coach me was excellent; a high caliber individual. I would recommend Comunicatus to everyone.

Marc Lepage
Sales Supervisor, Energy Div, Hewitt Equipment, Montreal, Canada

Commercial Pilot

Aviation Englishe staff is very involved to help students improve their skills in listening and speaking. You need to study a lot and the end you will improve your abilities in Aviation English.

Maurizio Sabotal
President, Commercial Pilot, Colombia