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[heading level=”3″]Our Mission[/heading]

Our mission is to forge strong partnerships with all of our clients from the individual to the international company in providing language solutions and Aviation English courses that focus on real-world application.

[heading level=”3″]Teacher and Translator Profile[/heading]

Anyone who has had to work in a team knows that the most important asset is having good people. Our teachers and translators are the heart of Comunicatus and are carefully selected using the highest criteria based on both professional abilities and personal qualities. Our team has a clear unity of purpose: to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

[medium_spacing][heading level=”3″]Core Team[/heading]
[team image=”613″ name=”Lucia Marguglio” position=”Managing Director”]

As a professional with more than 28 years hands-on experience in management and administration, and extensive qualifications in planning and coordination of multiple business programs, Lucia develops and delivers Aviation English training courses for pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight crew. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations and Psychology, is a certified TESL teacher, and fluently speaks three languages. Lucia has gained invaluable business and teaching experience having worked in North America and Asia and currently resides in Montreal, Canada.

[team image=”615″ name=”Don Van Dyke” position=”Captain”]

A former IATA Director, served as Alternate to the ICAO Air Navigation Commission and represented 290 airlines on expert panels dealing with Operations, Airworthiness, Flight Crew Licensing and Training, Aeronautical Information Services, Meteorology, and Visual Aids. Prior to joining IATA, Don was Head of Safety, British Airways-Comair. A veteran pilot, he has over 18,000 hours with 16,000 in command of jet and turboprop airliners and helicopters, flying as an instructor, check airman, type rating examiner, and technical pilot. Don is now a lecturer in Advanced Aerospace Topics and teaches Aviation English to cadet pilots. He takes great pride in transferring his knowledge to the new generation of pilots!

[team image=”617″ name=”Jean-Claude Provost” position=”Air Traffic Controller / Commercial Pilot / Consultant”]

Jean-Claude’s versatile background and aviation experience is a great asset to Comunicatus. Jean-Claude acts as a consultant in the Aviation English curriculum design and is also actively involved in business development. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Ottawa, he worked for Air Canada as a flight attendant while obtaining his Commercial Pilot License (Multi-Engine/IFR) and now has 500 hours of flying time under his belt. To add to his list of accomplishments, Jean-Claude obtained his ATC license (VFR: CYQB and CYMX tower and IFR: Montreal TCU) in 1993 and joined NavCanada’s Area Control Center where he is still actively working. His passion for aviation and zest for life are apparent to anyone who comes in contact with him!

[team image=”625″ name=”Renee Greenberg-Kates” position=”President of Premier Homestay”]

Renée specializes in placing students in carefully selected homes for Comunicatus during their stay in Montreal. This experience enables each student the opportunity to practice and improve their language skills while immersing themselves in our culture and city. It also gives the families an opportunity to expose themselves to a new culture and share unforgettable memories. Renée has a Master of Education from McGill University and used to have a private practice working with families and testing children for behavioral and academic problems.

[team image=”621″ name=”Karen Diaz” position=”Consultant in Diversity & Inclusion Training”]

Karen’s extensive international experience in design, development and delivery of workshops has contributed to the Comunicatus Aviation English Program in promoting cultural effectiveness in the international aviation industry in which culture, diversity and equity are an important component. Her specialty is training managers and staff in areas such as: Cultural Competence; Diversity and Equity in the Workplace; Cross-Cultural Communication; Leading Teams; and Diversity Leadership. Visit CKG Training and Consulting at http://www.ckgtraining.com/home.asp for more information.

[team image=”619″ name=”Laure Cohen Van Delft” position=”Member of the International Coach Federation”]

Comunicatus benefits from Laure’s coaching to businesswomen as part of the YWCA’s Centre for Entrepreneurship mentoring program. Laure is a facilitator and business coach committed to helping companies and individuals achieve higher performance and improved working relationships. A professional with an MBA from McGill University and ESADE of Barcelona, and founder of SmartCoaching Inc., Laure knows how to draw from her experience as a manager to help her clients achieve their business objectives, find innovative solutions and bring the human factor to the forefront.