Aviation English Testing & Training

English language proficiency assessments and Aviation English training for pilots

Aviation English Testing

Testing to assess pilots’ English language proficiency

Online Environment

Test is administered online to provide pilots with easy accessibility from their computer, tablet or smartphone in a face-to-face environment

ICAO English Proficiency

Test evaluates the six areas of ICAO's Rating Scale: speaking, fluency, structure, comprehension, vocabulary, and interactions

Aviation Context

Test is designed as a one-to-one interview where pilots are asked a series of aviation related questions to determine their present level of English proficiency

Test Results

Report is sent by e-mail and includes a score in each of the six areas and an overall score from Level 1 to 6 in compliance with ICAO's grading scale

Aviation English Training

Aviation English training for pilots to meet the required Operational Level 4 on the ICAO English Language Proficiency Scale

Specialized English

Aviation English training takes a communicative approach that focuses on speaking and listening based on ESL and adult education methodologies, and the ICAO language proficiency requirements


Private online based video conversations can be accessed from anywhere directly on a computer, smartphone or tablet to accommodate the ever-changing schedules of pilots who cannot attend classes

Customized Solutions

Our 4-week Aviation English Program for pilots, as well as tailor-made programs for the communication needs of airlines, air operators and civil authorities are offered at our Canadian Center or at the client’s premises

Aviation Context

Lessons are based on pilot’s daily operations, Radio Telephony (R/T) practice and terminology related to aircraft, flight, meteorology, ATC, as well as emergency situations


Comunicatus draws upon experienced English second language teachers who have a passion for aviation and/or retired pilots who have a passion for teaching

Test Preparation

Training specifically to pass the certified test of English language for aviation purposes is offered for pilots whose main objective is to pursue their international aviation career

What Our Clients Are Saying

Price Guide


$55.00 CAD / per assessment

Airlines use our testing services as part of their recruitment process for pilots

Aviation organizations use the test results to determine the required English training to achieve ICAO Level 4

Individual pilots use it as a practice run before taking the certified test of English language for aviation

Duration is approximately 20 minutes and a test result report is sent by e-mail in pdf format the same day


$65.00 CAD / hour

Video conversations can be accessed from anywhere to accomodate pilots’ busy schedule

Lessons can be scheduled as stand-alone 60-minute sessions or as part of a package

One-to-one personalized training to develop English language skills specifically for each pilot's needs

Experienced English Instructors with a passion and knowledge of the aviation industry and the communication needs of pilots