Personalized Business English

One-to-one English training for professionals

Access Your Potential

Business English tailored to each client's needs and schedule

Online Based

Video conversations accessible from anywhere directly to your computer, smartphone or tablet


A flexible and convenient approach for professionals with hectic work schedules


We define objectives and tailor lessons for specific language skills needed in the workplace


Focus on developing confidence and English fluency to communicate effectively

60 Minutes

Private 60-minute lessons are scheduled before, during, or after office hours

Skilled Teachers

ESL teachers with professional ability and experience in adult education

What To Expect

By the end of the course clients will have increased their effectiveness and confidence in using English in the workplace

Participate in meetings and discussions

Present confidently in English

Negotiate effectively

Converse on a wide range of topics

What Our Clients Are Saying

Price Guide

$55 CAD/Hour

One-to-one highly personalized courses to develop English language skills that match each client's needs

Lessons can be scheduled once, twice or three times a week and run for 6 to 12 weeks

Video conversations that can be accessed from anywhere to accomodate any busy schedule

Skilled ESL teachers with a high level of education, experience and dynamic personalities